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Tips and Advice on Buying Garage Doors

Is it time for a new garage door? There are many things that you need to consider when you are buying a new garage door. You don’t want to have a noisy, drafty door that leaks water during rainstorms. The appearance is important too. Your garage door with have a big impact in the way your house looks. These points will be talked about in full through this guide for buyers of garage doors.

Both quality and price is important in your buying decision. Do not buy the cheapest door in the market. Not only will you lack the security found buy other garage doors you may sacrifice the peace of mind that you obtain from a safe door. Even though most of us will have home insurance we want to avoid having to use it as much as possible and having the right door will really help with that. Electric garage doors will make it easier for you to open and close your door but you do need one that is reliable and safe to use. Buy from an established brand, one with the experience to get things right.

Garage Door Security Concerns

You may want to let light into your garage but with standard glass a thief could easily see into your garage and spy upon something he/she may like. New plastic windows have come unto the market that allows light to enter into your garage but obscure the view of thieves.

You may like to stay in your car and open your garage door on a rainy day with radio controlled garage door openers but high-tech thieves are often able to steal your remote control code out of thin air. There is technology, however, that can protect your radio controlled garage doors by changing the code of your door every time it is opened. With billions of code choices high tech thieves will not waste their time attempting to break into your house with such an opener.

You also want to make sure that your door has sensors that will send a signal to the door operating mechanism and stop it from closing should something get in the way. This will help to prevent accidents to anyone unfortunate to get in the way of the door when it is closing.

The make up of your Garage Door

The materials that are used to make the garage doors have changed a lot since the first wood doors. About twenty years ago we saw the arrival of insulated steel garage doors. Today we now have fibreglass and other composites to consider as our material of choice. The rich look of natural wood on a surface can be given by using a fibreglass outer skin in garage doors. Without this, the door could look very plain. The appearance of your door should match your house but you should be happy the general look of the door.

Installation and Insulation

We would advise that you do not install your garage door yourself (unless you are a professional). In our opinion it is not a DIY job. Garage doors can be the largest mechanical objects in your home and the springs that are used to open them can store and release a powerful force that can seriously injure you should you not be able to successfully install them yourself. Once you have your new door installed make sure that the company that has installed the door also installs a high quality bottom door seal and perimeter weather-stripping. This will stop wind coming through the bottom of your door. This will also conserve energy and keep warmth inside the garage.

Make sure you keep these points in your mind when you are going to purchase a new garage door and ask questions such as if the company has a follow up service or a help line if you have any problems. Hopefully you will end up with a door to be proud of and will keep your garage (and indeed your home) safe and secure.

Garage Doors - Frequently Asked Questions. Useful FAQ by the DSMA - (formerly the Door and Shutter Association). Information on Building Regulations, standards, and codes of practice. ....[read more...]

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Garage Doors
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